Houston Inspire 1 owner with 333

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Greetings-  I have a dual-controller Inspire 1, Section 333.  I am not a licensed pilot, but building my bench of PIC's to work with on commercial video assignments. I have 25 years experience as a TV / Video producer / lensman / editor; for Network Television, Tourism and Corporate Videos.  I have a great deal of aerial video experience, shooting from helicopters with the door off.  Now, looking to put my Inspire 1 to work (legally- I have a lot of practice and a great demo).  Website: www.zuraproductions.com

Based in Houston, travel-experienced and ready! Looking forward to participating on this site!


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Welcome @JimZ

Congrats on the 333, huge step, Keep an eye out on Part 107 as that may alleviate the pilots license in favor of a sUAS license (pass a knowledge test every two years).  You'll find lots of helpful people and information in the forums and it sounds like you'll be a fountain of knowledge as well with your copious amounts of experience. I went up in a heli in Kauai with the doors off and got some great shots from my DSLR, the whole time worrying it would fly out the open door.

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