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The duet [Zoom Cam & Portable GCS] for various missions

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I'm Markus working for MMCUAV, today I'm bringing you some more information about powerful zoom camera Z40, and portable GCS Etlas Mobile. No doubt these 2 present smooth duet. 

For handy control on Etlas Mobile, our R&D team customized buttons and wheels specially for Thyea Z40. 

1. The portable GCS Etlas Mobile has customized wheels at top corners to orient your camera wherever you want. 

2. Buttons to adjust the zooming conveniently. 

3. Buttons to capture photo and record video. 

4. Etlas Mobile is based on Android 7.1 OS, you can install some other utility apps as you wish. We'll install our customized GCS app before shipping. It supports Rom reflashing through MicroSD card, you can recover the system conveniently whenever you get it messed up. And in latest edition of Etlas mobile, 4G module is included for internet access. Get a sim card in local, then you don't have to set up any wifi hotspot for map data downloading. 

5. Standard Connector Interface. This is the concept we've been working on for years: "Industrial Chain". Standard 40-pin Connector Interface makes versatile multi-rotor drone. Along with developing more types of payloads according to customers' expectations, a multi-rotor drone can complete various types of industrial&commercial missions. I'll bring you more information to you soon. Your thoughts are also welcome for us to improve. 

6. New arrival - [Thyea Z40 Mini], powerful features and performance in only 600g body. More info will be updated soon. 

We expect to see your questions in replies, you can also pm me. Any comment and idea will be helpful to our improvement in the future. 

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