New DJI Mavic 2 Pro Problem or .........

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Hi All,
I new to your forum and have an issue with my new Mavic 2 Pro.  I've had it for two weeks and I'm having trouble with poor photo image quality and the GPS Metadata not showing on any of my pictures.   I've been working with DJI support for a week and we are getting nowhere fast.   I'm at the point of returning it.
I've watched you tube videos about camera settings, device setup, smart controller dos and don'ts, endless beginner guides.   There are some great videos out there from really creative people but unfortunately not one has helped me.    I'm hoping this is just a user issue that someone on here can solve.   Returning my Mavic is the last stop.
Things I've done:
Updated  smart controller firmware
Changed photo/video settings (currently at jpeg, auto white balance, ISO 200/   4K 30fps,  
Reset GPS, made sure 10 or more satellites are listed before take off
Running DJI GO4 v4.3.16 (latest version)
Thank You,


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