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Kit Carson

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Greetings from Georgia! My partner (Keith Douglas) and I started the company late last year and have applied for our 333 exemption. We are actively practicing our flying and video skills (much more to it than meets the eye). We plan on servicing all of Georgia and northern Florida. We fly the DJI Inspire 1 Pro and Phantom Pro and have invested in the DJI OSMO as well. We are working on quite a few projects. We have our insurance and FAA docket number - just waiting for the final word!

Kit Carson

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Hello drone pilot!!!

I posted this yesterday...maybe you'll find it interesting...or not lol jk

My name is Ricardo aka PichieBass (you can search me on any social page), I'm a mexican drone photographer and pilot (also professional musician)

me and my partner are trying to find and offer alliances all over the world to join our community where we can start exchanging awesome material from your country and mine.

All this for what? well you know clients always need and ask for awesome material and we know you can`t always travel around the globe for that beautiful place you wanna film.

Maybe sounds interesting for you so AerialCam wants to hear about you!!!

You can e-mail me at my personal mail for more talking!!! 

Enjoy the sky!!!
Your mexican friend


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