Hello from the green one

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Hi Everyone,


I'm a new Pilot with new drone and problems ☹️


WARNING---- not a photographer (just accidentally took a few good pics on an iPhone before)

I joined your forum to learn and meet other people who fly drones and show awesome footage.  I hope to be like you all one day.   


I do have a question.  Anyone working or worked for Dronebase?    I'm currently in the process of doing my 1st practice mission and its not looking very good.   The task is simple but the photo images keep showing is the lowest quality resolution and the GPS Metadata is not available on any of my images.  Video seems to be fine.   I'm thinking this may  be a user issue.  Currently working with DJI support but unplugging the router and waiting 30 seconds,  type of support is not working (sorry ATT, Comcast, etc.).

Please feel free to point me in the write direction if this has been gone over before

DJI Mavic 2 Pro with smart controller (was this a good idea?)

DJI GO 4 latest version

JPEG or JPEG+RAW whats better

white balance auto

ISO 200  (guess this will do)

video 4k 30fps MP4

003 FR.jpg

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