How Much Do Drone Pilots Really Make: Our 2019 Drone Industry Survey

Isabella | UAV Coach

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It’s been three years since the FAA’s Part 107 regulations went into effect.

In our 2019 drone industry survey, we sought out to understand how the U.S. drone industry is doing — are pilots making money? What industries are they in? How often are they flying?

We received 1,389 responses, and over the last couple of months have been pouring through the data.

In this summary report, you’ll see data from the professional drone pilot community on:

  • How much money drone pilots are making
  • Industries where drone pilots are finding work
  • The breakdown of pilots flying for themselves vs. for an organization
  • What percentage of drone pilots are renewing their Part 107 certificate
  • And more

Read the published survey results here

Have some thoughts about the survey that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.

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Most interesting, thanks for sharing.  Something that will be revealing (if you choose to do it) is if you offer the same survey again, with the same questions, next year.  Doing so will enable you to compare those results to the 2019 survey.  The reason I think sequential surveys will be revealing is the answer distribution over the various questions viewed over time will show which way the needle is moving.  In my experience with surveys this is more interesting and reliable that what the distribution is from any single survey.  Hope you do it again, I'm happy to participate again if you do.  Great work!

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I'm 57 and was helping my 19 year old son figure out a career path in college. Pilot was one area we looked at. We looked at the pilot program at MTSU. A sub category was drone pilot. He had no interest.  The idea blew me away. After a few weeks of thinking about it. I looked into it. This really excites me. I can do this part time and still run my business. If I like it I could go fulltime and close or sell my business.  My dream is to by an RV and see the country. I could work while traveling...

At 57 I know loving your work is half the battle...👍

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