Ehang Ghost Drone 1.0 Problems - Need Advice

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I'm new to drones, and would like some assistance from the group.    I recently purchased a used, damaged Ehang Ghostdrone 1.0.    The damage is that the previous owner informed me that it had been in a crash and the orientation sensor was no longer functional, and he was unable to get a new one from Ehang.     I still bought it since the price was so good that even if the drone never worked again, I still can use the 4k camera (gopro clone).

I've contacted the company Ehang, and they have informed me that:

* No sensors available for sale

* No longer supporting this drone

* No service manual or documentation available

* No solution or help from Ehang....sorry.

* The new version 2.0 is out....upgrade to that!

This is very disappointing, since the drone hasn't had much use, and is only around 4 years old.     "Good" consumer electronics companies support their products for at least 10 years, and I am very unhappy that Ehang (which is still a force in the drone industry in Asia) is being so unhelpful.

Any advice on other ways to get my drone working again?

PS: Please don't offer unhelpful advice like "just get a new one", or "you get what you pay for" won't answer my question.


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