Walmart Patents Ingenious Blockchain-Based Tech for Supporting Drone Deliveries

Zacc Dukowitz

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News recently broke that Walmart has filed a patent for a blockchain-based drone delivery system, putting the retail giant in the news again for its drone patents.

The patent describes technology that would allow delivery drones located near each other to exchange information. Using blockchain-based keys, the drones would exchange authenticating signals to confirm they belong to Walmart and are in the same fleet. Once the drones have identified themselves, they would be able to pass packages between each other for delivery.

Read today's article to learn more about what blockchain is and how Walmart plans to use it.

One thing to call out is that even though Walmart has been stacking up drone delivery patents like crazy lately we’re not aware of the company holding any FAA approvals for drone delivery or having plans to begin testing drone deliveries any time soon.

What do you think—are they holding onto these patents "just in case" or are they serious about using drone delivery for shipping?

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