UAV search and rescue of people trapped in landslides


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With the further development of drone technology, the well-known drones are not only used in aerial photography, but also have a huge role in the rescue of trapped people.

The drone  with a thermal imaging camera, which can assist the search and rescue personnel to quickly find the trapped person. It can also deliver relief supplies, first aid kits, etc. through the drone, and can also restore the communication by setting up the base station through the unmanned rack.

In the past month, due to the continuous heavy rain in parts of Sichuan Province of China, high rock mass collapsed along the railway line, the line was interrupted, and some rescue personnel lost contact.

After the disaster, railway, armed police, firefighting, medical and other rescue personnel have arrived at the scene. A total of more than 180 rescue and rescue personnel were involved, 7 railcars and 8 excavators were dispatched, 8 trains and rescue equipment materials were transported, and 4G communication equipment and lighting equipment were used for rescue.

During the rescue process, drone search played an important role.

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