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You may be aware that the new EU drone Regulations (2019/945 and 2019/947) include many new requirements for building and operating drones in the open, specific and certified categories. The Commission Implementing Regulation 2019/947, in particular, includes new requirements for:

  • Pilots in the open category to have training in privacy and data protection as part of their licensing [Annex A – UAS.OPEN.020 4(b)].
  • Operators in the specific category to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation [Annex A – UAS.SPEC.050 1(a)(iv)].
  • Operators in the specific category to undertake Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) when required [Annex A – UAS.SPEC.050 1(a)(iv)].

Many of these requirements will be new to drone professionals who are focused on their business and the safe operation of their equipment. In recognition of this, DG GROW has funded Trilateral Research via the DroneRules PRO project to develop a FREE online e-learning course for drone professionals and their legal obligations on privacy and data protection in order to help industry comply with these requirements, and we would like to invite you to test it out.

The online course is in a late stage of development and we are currently finalising it. However, we want to make sure it is as useful as possible while we still have funds to cover improvement activities. We will be holding a special event: the DroneRules PRO Data Privacy E-Learning Training Session on 25th September 2019 in Delft, Netherlands. On the day, we will provide access to the course so that you can test it out and let us know what needs to be improved. The event will be accompanied by our experts who will help you use the course, answer your questions and collect your valuable feedback. After completing the course you will know how to use your drone in compliance with the applicable data protection laws and thus avoid liability risks and fines for yourself and your company. Please see the attached invitation for full details.

 Please note, as part of the project grant, we have some funds available to pay for participants travel to the event. If you would like to enquire about the funds, please send an email to info@dronerules.eu

 If you would like to get further information about the DroneRules Project, please refer to: https://trilateralresearch.co.uk/project/dronerules-pro/ or https://dronerules.eu/en/professional/news/data-privacy-course-in-delft

DR PRO - Delft Training Session-Agenda.pdf

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