Hexacopter diy. Need some thoughts.


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So, I am building a hexacopter and I have picked my parts, but not yet ordered them.

I am pretty sure this is a good configuration, but I would appreciate any thoughts and/or ideas to improve or tweak it.

It is meant to be able to handle medium weight camera and sensor equipment. It will also be used in subzero conditions. It should be able to go long distance with video feed, but I have not made up my mind on what to use for that yet. It should also be able to fly to GPS coordinates automatically.


- S550 hexacopter frame

- 2830 1000kv outrunners

- Turnigy plush-32 30A w/BEC speed controllers

- 10x4.5 propellers

- PX4 pixhawk 2.4.8 32bit, ardupilot (gps, osd, 500mw telemetry)

- 5000mah 4S 60C battery (might use 2)


Total weight with everything listed above & wiring is ca 3000g. It is absolutely not ment to be a racer of any kind. I value stability and flight time.

I do plan on 3D printing custom parts and to make protective and aerodynamic casings/covers.



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On 9/7/2019 at 6:07 PM, Tom-22 said:

I am pretty sure this is a good configuration, but I would appreciate any thoughts and/or ideas to improve or tweak it.

Hello @Tom-22 and welcome to the forum. I have a build using the S550 frame, its a good frame but I would prefer to mount the batterie/s on top of the frame rather than underneath but there is not enough space between the center plates to install a flight controller the size of the 2.4.8 Pixhawk. I am currently experimenting with using a small flight controller on another build that I have using a S500 quad frame. I am using this controller


Its really meant for a small racing quad but ArduCopter software can now run on these types of boards. 


Since it fits between the center plates of the frame I can install the gimbal/camera in the center underneath the quad and the battery on top. I am also looking into using 2 batteries as I found the flight time using one 3s 5200 mAh battery quite limiting. 

As you will see from this thread I've been messing around with these frame for a few years. I just like to tinker :)



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