FAA Demos Manage Multiple Drone Flights in Close Proximity

Isabella | UAV Coach

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The timeline for launching a drone traffic management system (UTM) continues to see delays, but recent FAA demonstrations give us a boost in confidence that drone operators will have such a system to operate within in the near future.

The FAA, NASA, and their partners recently conducted three demonstrations involving multiple advanced drone operations in close proximity to each other at low altitudes (below 400 feet). The demonstrations included package delivery, aerial videography/photography, field surveys, utility inspections, and newsgathering.

View video of the demonstrations and learn more about the progress being made toward the deployment of a UTM in this article: FAA Demos Manage Multiple Drone Flights in Close Proximity, Setting a Foundation for UTM System

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Neither the video nor the article mentioned the information that I, as an operator, want to know. How it the PIC notified? What data is provided and in what form to allow the PIC to make a decision as to the best response.

The process was not shown or described, making it a very poorly conceived and executed article. It was interesting in what it showed but it didn’t include the info most important to me.

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