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Hello! My name is Jon Perkins. I am a career Firefighter in the Pacific Northwest. I am here because I am looking to both further my career with the impending introduction of drones into the fire service, as well as wanting to build a secondary business for myself doing land survey, tower inspections, or photography.

At the moment, I only have a cheap $20 Toys-R-Us drone from their going out of business sale, and am still getting used to that one before I upgrade to one that will make me cry if it crashes...

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Hi @JonPerkins

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Many fire departments around the country have started to implement drones into their everyday operations. The ability to detect hot spots via thermal sensors is a huge benefit to adding a drone to a firefighting operation. 

There are numerous drone applications and opportunities in the drone industry, if you would like to compare different drone models feel free to check out our 'Top Professional Drones' Guide. 


 - Chase

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