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So - I need to get my renewal and need to study.  Is it basically the same test I took to get my 107?  Therefore, should I go thru the same training that helped me pass it the first time (DP Ground School) ?

If my current one expires before I can recert - does that cause any other issues (I thought I had another month but only have a week or two)?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Scott and Jaime,

I’m about to renew also. The renewal tests are different than the original.  Some sections such as meteorology are removed and the questions are replaced with other subjects. There is still heavy stress on sectional charts and flight regulation knowledge. If you are a UAV Coach customer, just log in and look at the old Part 107 review  you used. At the bottom, there are sections (I believe 2)  for renewing pilots that focus on expectations that you can expect in addition to practice exams.  I hope this helps.



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Regarding missing your recert date:  

  • there is no grace period
  • after you pass the recert test, you will have a new recert date based on your most recent pass ie ...To continue exercising the privileges of a remote pilot certificate, the certificate holder must pass a recurrent aeronautical knowledge test within 24 calendar-months of passing either an initial or recurrent aeronautical knowledge test...
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Hi @jescovi,

The renewal exam is similar to the original exam except this time around there is only 40 questions compared to the original 60. You have 90 minutes to take the recurrent exam and you will not be tested on Meteorology or Loading & Performance. The test will mainly be focused on your ability to read a sectional chart. I actually took my recurrent exam last month, there were a lot of sectional chart questions and questions about radio communications. As stated by @joneden, there is no grace period, once you take your exam you will just hold onto your official exam report from your testing center as proof that you have taken the recurrent exam. Please let me know if you have any more questions. 


 - Chase

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I took my recertification a couple of weeks ago. I did have a couple of questions on weather but a 3rd grader could answer it. A lot on Sectionals. I did a few evenings of studying to refresh my memory. You should be fine if you revisit the communications and sectional chart portions of your study guide.


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