Drone companies and violating regulations

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Hello Everyone

While taking some onboard training for a drone service company i was given a set of video examples showing what they want when shooting video of commercial real estate. The videos clearly show the drone flying over busy roads and over other areas obscured from the remote pilots view where people could be standing or walking i.e. other buildings in the complex. I emailed the company and told them the video they are showing clearly violates several regulations tobwhich i was told its up to pilots to decide if a mission is safe and accept it if they want. Well i dont think thats an acceptable answer. I need to decide how badly i need the job for which they dont care if i break the rules? This is not the only company to show videos as training or examples on their websites for clients that are against the rules as i learned them. Did i miss a change in the rules for part 107 flying? It could me my ignorance on some rule changes but if the rules have not changed and an accident happens these companies are opening themselves to huge lawsuits. I know its really hard to almost impossible to follow the rules and perform a job for what a client wants. Are other people running into this?

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You might not like the answer they gave but it’s exactly right.  You’re the PIC, no one can tell you to break the law and no one can tell you to follow it.  It is your responsibility. 

I obviously didn’t see the video so I have no idea how flagrant the violations might be but I wouldn’t let the examples they use determine whether you take the job.  

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