Photogrammetry with Mavic 2 Zoom

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I am in the construction industry and looking into the Mavic 2 zoom or pro to do topo surveys of our sites (5-20 acres on average). I like the zoom options of the M2 Zoom and feel like it would be more enjoyable with regards to recreational video/photography around the farm, but am concerned the 12MP camera will not be enough resolution for a good aerial model (photogrammetry). Any insight from someone with experience in this area (and possibly with the M2 Zoom) would be hugely appreciated.

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Depends on the software your using and how accurate the model needs to be.  

You’re right, 12MP and a plastic lens are not enough for an accurate model.  There are a lot of variables, obstructions, lighting, DOF, altitude, speed etc..  Adding a camera that has less them most cell phones doesn’t improve your odds of creating accurate models. We use a 43 MP Sony A7RIII and often want more resolution. 

That at doesn’t mean it won’t work, just depends on your deliverable.   Also regarding choosing between the Pro2 and the Zoom, nothing messes up photogrammetry software more that using images with different focal lengths.  We used to use a Canon 24-105L lens and taped it to the desired focal length until we accidentally changed the focal length less than two degrees and we had to reshoot.  With the fixed FOV on the Pro2 that can’t happen.  

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Thanks for the insight. I would hope to get accuracies of 3cm or less vertical and horizontal. This is under the presumption my control points are as accurate or better. I have found that drone of choice within the construction industry, is the phantom 4 pro. 

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