DJI PILOT APP - recent updates causing inaccurate time

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marty Laporte

9月21日 CST07:37 

Hello UAV Coach community,  A colleague and I have been having issues with the DJI Pilot App.  I was instructed by DJI tech support to reinstall the DJI Pilot app because they made changes to it.  I reinstalled, tested manually before the autonomous flight.  My plan for the autonomous flight (fig1) showed me that it should take 12 minutes. I started with 98% batteries.   However, my starting (12:32pm) and ending (12:48pm)  images indicate that the incomplete flight (fisg ) was more than 16 minutes. Consequently my battery alarm came on and before the M200 returned to home, the critical  battery alarm went on.  The M200 started acting erratically. I took over manually, but since I had a canal full of water  on one side and a sloped levee and road on the other, I forced landing  on the slope.  This caused the M200 to flip over and suffer some minor damage, props, antenna, cracked landing gear. Thankfully the XT2 is fine. I have flown this area many times before using the Pilot App. without problems.  I submitted my case with the photos to DJI almost a month ago and they keep telling me it is pilot error, based on the landing, not based on the Pilot App.  At this point they have exhausted me and I see no recourse except to get the M200 fixed.  Has anyone else had similar issues?
thank you, Marty
unfortunately my files exceeded  th seize allowed, so I can only send the image with the incomplete mission shown.  If anyone is interested, I can send the 4 images






Thank you.




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Thank you!  

Update:  my M200 is being repaired, DJI has discounted the repair slightly.  DJI has not responded to the data I sent about erroneous flight time on Pilot app.  I want to trust the DJI Pilot software, but the software has some issues, so as part of a sharing community let us share problems and solutions.  This is how technology wil improve for us all! 

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