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Most reasonable price drone with LiDAR?

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I am 58 yrs old and have always been interested in roaming the woods and other places looking for place forgot by time. I have become very interested in drones and LiDAR as tromping through the wood has become more difficult with age.  My solution was to use a Drone with LiDAR to actually see what was out under the tree canopy. This way using GPS I could go directly to a spot of interest. 

I was hoping that I could get some feedback on a few reasonable priced Drones with LiDAR or Drones that can have LiDAR attached as an accessory.  Hope to hear back with some of you so I can continue to enjoy my hobby but using technology.

Thank You


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Hi Henry, welcome.

thats a great idea, unfortunately it’s difficult to discuss LiDAR as a hobby.  Not to say that it can’t be done but it’s expensive.  

The range of LiDAR that is most often used for engineering is about $100K.  There are relatively less expensive models that would enable you to see through the vegetation and are much less acurate but they’re still around $50K.  That doesn’t include the UAV.  

We took a look at some less expensive Flash LiDARs a while back, interesting but nowhere near enough resolution for our application.  You might want to research those a bit.  

As you might imagine any UAV that can lift 15 pounds safely is going to be relatively expensive, $25K and up.  

I’m guessing that this is not music to your ears.  There have been a couple of documentaries about archeologists using LiDAR that are discovering things that have gone unnoticed.  Maybe the value of the documentary and the artifacts they found offset the cost enough to make it worth doing.

Real Raiders of the Lost Arc kind of stuff..


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