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Hi everyone & welcome to my post. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is ULE (pronounced ool- shjey). My interest in drone piloting is purely commercial. It appears to me that there is money to be made in drone aerial photography. I ordered a $90 drone from remindher on Wish (hope its legit) - scheduled to arrive Oct 18-Nov 1.

Other than that, I have no real experience in aviation; the trend I see seems very durable - drones are not going anywhere for a long time.

If anyone here has any usable equipmemt for sale, please contact me after Nov 1 to see if my unit has arrived.

Hapi Flying!

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We all agree UAVs will be here for some time to come.  If your mostly interested in commercial (making money) aspect then there a lot of great people on this forum willing to share their experience with you.

Most have come to the realization that if you want to make money in the air with a UAV, then you’d better be able to make money on the ground first.  If you want to do aerial photography then you should already be making money in photography.  The UAV jus enables you to get the camera in the air.  

Good luck with your venture.

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Hi @ULE,

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community, there are many opportunities in the drone industry! You can check out out 'Drone Jobs' guide if you would like to learn more about different jobs. If you are interested in any used equipment, feel free to check out our 'For Sale' thread. 

I hope this helps!

 - Chase 

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