$899 Phantom 4 Advanced - Fantastic deal on amazing drone

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This is an unbelievable deal. I am selling this drone about half the price of a Phantom 4 V2 and it has the same camera! Short of spending about $8000 on a Phantom 4 RTK, this is the best drone for mapping. Period. And it is only 1/10th the price with this unbelievable price. The 20 MP sensor and global mechanical shutter can't be beaten for mapping, photography, and many video applications, not even by the newer Mavic 2 Pro.

I am taking advantage of the high tariffs and lack of Phantom availability to sell my under-utilized drone. One lucky buyer will get an unbelievable deal on an incredible drone.

I am throwing in an extra set of V2 props, a USB to micro USB converter, and an iPhone cable for free. Everything you see in the pictures (except for the phone) comes with the drone. Original case and gimbal guard are included. One battery is included.

$50 discount for pickup in NW suburbs of Chicago.




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5 hours ago, Jackie said:

I'm interested in this but want to know the key differences between this model and the Phantom 4 Pro v2.  Thank you, Jackie.

The primary difference is that the Advanced version only has forward obstacle avoidance while the 4 Pro V2 also offers rear camera-based avoidance and side IR-based avoidance.

I personally find myself turning off avoidance most of the time. A lot of people bought the Advanced because of the seriously discounted price compared to the Pro. Unfortunately, DJI doesn't make this model anymore so the good deals have mostly dried up. The cameras are the same, the power, flight time, etc, are all the same. I hope that helps! 

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