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It seems that UAV Coach continually gives away free passes to most of the commercial UAV type trade shows to people who make a compelling argument on why they deserve to win them.

Yet I hardly ever see any followup describing the show, attendance, buzz, etc.. 

I have seen hardly any feedback from the recent Interdrone or DJI's Airworks and what I have seen make it appear that attendance was pretty sparse and there wasn't much buzz about anything new or innovative.  

Trade shows can be a great place to see if the hype developers are putting out at trade shows matches user experiences throughout the year.  

Anyone attend any of these show and are you willing to share your experiences with those of us who couldn't attend?  

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Hi @Av8Chuck — here was our coverage of the keynotes at InterDrone:

Energy / attendance was down, but still lots of good content, and for those in the industry looking for business development opportunities and to nurture existing relationships, it was a fantastic opportunity to do so.

I'll be headed to Commercial UAV Expo in a couple of weeks, will be my first time there and excited to see how it stacks up to the other shows I've attended. Haven't made it to AirWorks yet.

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