UAV Coach Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

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We're celebrating our company's 5-year anniversary this week.

Our team can't thank you all enough for reading, for training with us, and for helping to push this industry forward.

It's been a wild ride.

Here are a few thoughts on what we've learned. Would love to hear what you've learned as well! Please share.


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Thank You so much for your insight.  I look forward to getting my cup of coffee on Saturday mornings and firing up your newsletter.  I got a bonus video this morning.  My son and I are Part 107 certified.  I have a aviation background as an airline captain.  My son  is probably the youngest drone pilot in the state of Kansas.   



Thanks Again   Theresa

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I made the decision on new years day that within a year I would be staring a new career that would be my last. I got certification training from your terrific course, logged hundreds of hours on a wide variety of different copters before buying professional gear.

I started Red Star Imagery in September, and currently have a fleet of 4 inspires and 2 phantoms that I use commercially. I have to give y'all a ton of credit for not only the terrific course, but strong motivation to succeed. I appreciate very much your commitment to the growth of the industry and professional and logical way in which you are approaching it. I am growing slowly and steadily and love every single shoot! I am excited to be in a new industry, and believe that with great programs and ambassadors like yourselves, all of us doing our part to grow things in a safe and smart way, seems like a bright future.

Anyhow, you are very appreciated and if ever you need anything from this part of the country, just ask.

Thanks All!

Marko Boyer

Red Star Imagery


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Congratulations @Alan Perlman and thanks for building UAVCoach.

This is how I found out about UAVcoach back in 2015.

I joined this forum shortly after you added it back in January 2016. I followed your training and passed my Part 107 on the second day that it was available from the FAA in August 2016.



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