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I wanted to receive some advice from you. 

I'm working on a project to create a company pretty similiar to grubhub, uber eats, but the difference is that I'm going to deliver food by drone.  I'm looking to do this in the state of California.

Do you think is a good idea?, does the law allows this kind of business?, do you think that would be better to deliver things to companies instead of natural people?

Thanks, I'd like to know what do you think.

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The first question I might ask myself would be is it a good idea starting any business in California?  As a CA business owner I’d advise against it.  

Do you have a part 107?  

It’s illigal to fly over people and beyond line of site BVLOS.  Although not impossible, this fact relagates drone delivery to remote places.  Generally although remote areas might actually need or want aerial delivery the limitation on flight time and not being able to fly BVLOS. 

Aside from the regulatory restrictions and technical limitations the logistics for such an endeavor are so huge I don’t see how anyone could accomplish this and be profitable. When you consider Amazon, UPS or FedEx, they are already successful delivery companies who plan to use UAVs to extend an already profitable logistics chain.  Even they have only been able to demonstrate this on a very limited scale in remote places.  

Also, more fundamentally do customers actually want their food or products delivered by a UAS?  I know people will initially say yes, but once the novelty where’s off, what iproblem is this actually solving?  

Obviously, I have no idea who you are, what experience or technology you have or how much your willing to spend etc., so there’s no way for me to advise you.  It’s an interesting topic but my opinion is that the discussions about such an idea have to become a bit more realistic.  UAV delivery is probably at least a decade away before the technology and regulations make it possible.  


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