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I can't find any contact information on the website, and have messaged 2 Forum Administrators yesterday, without result. I was wondering if someone could send this up the ladder:

I work for an IT firm in Belgium and one of our clients has recently been receiving spam emails that spoof their own domain. I have done a thorough check and have concluded that the possible originating address is (could also be a spoofed ReturnPath). 

If someone could check if this mailbox, or domain, is sending out SPAM, that would be great.

If you need any information, you can contact met all day through PM.

Kind regards 
Tobias D.

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Alan Perlman and "Isabella | UAV Coach "

I have just confirmed with another firm that it is in fact that is either getting spoofed because of lack of DKIM/DMARC, or is itself sending out SPAM. I have blocked the domain on our end to stop the flood, and they have stopped receiving SPAM. I suggest someone look at this sooner rather than later.



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Hi @TobiasD, thanks for reaching out. For what it's worth, I'm not seeing any messages in my inbox, so perhaps it didn't go through. I asked Isabella as well, and she didn't get anything. I'm usually pretty quick to respond! So I'm glad you followed up to post here.

I'm a little stuck in how to diagnose this. I can assure you that we're not sending out SPAM. I'm not familiar with terms like spoofing, DKIM/DMARC, ReturnPath, etc. I'm happy to offer more context around how we have things set up and am open to additional steps we should be taking to curtail the emails you're seeing.

We use HubSpot, a publicly-traded company here in the U.S., to send out our emails. We limit the number of user accounts who have access and can see login / send data, so I can assure you after looking this morning that there's no SPAM being sent out from our account directly.

We've been sending out emails each week to tens of thousands of people across the globe for more than 3 years, and we've never had an issue like this brought to us. But I'll try to learn more about what might be going on and what we can do to fix on our end.

If I can ask — what's the nature of these emails that look like they're being sent from What do they look like? My direct email is alan(at)uavcoach(dot)com.

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention, hopefully we can figure it out!


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