Class D Wide Area Authorization


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Early in the program we agreed, in partnership with the local tower to contact them 15 minutes prior to flight and immediately on the termination of the flight. This is in addition to filing a NOTAM via the ENII system. Recently, there was a change in personnel at the tower and they decided we didn't need to call them any more because we were filing a NOTAM and they were comfortable with us operating in their airspace. 

Are you required to notify ATC? No. Is it the responsible thing to do? Yes. At a minimum get set up on the ENII site and file a NOTAM. You might want to open a dialog with your local airport and figure out what they are comfortable with as well. Most that I have dealt with have been receptive and easy to work with. A few have been less so.  in case you don't have it.

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On 10/16/2019 at 2:31 PM, RamseyRambo said:

I received a Wide area class D authorization from the FAA. Do I still need to contact the ATC to let them know of my operations? I thought that is what the Authorization was for.

You are required to follow the instructions on the COA, no more, and no less.  I have COAs that require a phone call and others that require checking and adhering to the ceilings defined in the UFM and no other requirements.

So, read your COA and do what it says and that's it.

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I have one COA that requires an email the day before to notify them of the flight, but others have no such stipulation. Where do I find the correct ATC contact info if I want to go the extra mile and notify them anyways? Its not clear what number to call on Airnav. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place.

Thanks for the help!

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