Ford Wants to Make Drone-Deploying Cars

Isabella | UAV Coach

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It’s an annoying scenario many of us are familiar with—you’ve parked and left your car in a large lot and upon your return can’t remember what aisle you parked on, so you press the panic button on your key remote and follow the sound, creating somewhat of a spectacle and disturbance to those around you. Well, imagine that scenario a bit differently if you own a Ford. Ford has patented a drone you can launch from your car. Based on the patent, you could remotely deploy it from the trunk of your car where it will signal with sound or flashing light, allowing you to easily locate your vehicle. Pretty neat right?

But that’s actually not the most important ramification of Ford’s drone patent. Ford envisions this new drone technology will be used to help located stranded vehicles and vehicles/passengers requiring emergency services.

Learn more about Ford's idea for drone-deploying cars in today's post: Ford Patents a Drone You Can Launch from Your Car.

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Flight from ground vehicles are pretty much prohibited.  I note the "... sparsely populated areas...." language and the Part 14 § 107.205 stipulations  Part of which follow here:

List of regulations subject to waiver.
A certificate of waiver issued pursuant to § 107.200 may authorize a
deviation from the following regulations of this part:
(a) Section 107.25—Operation from a moving vehicle or aircraft. However, no
waiver of this provision will be issued to allow the carriage of property of
another by aircraft for compensation or hire.

Particulary, regarding language that proscribes the "... for compensation or hire."  Surely this applies to the Ford Motor Company through their ground vehicle price increases for including such an option in retail deployment via cars. 

I'm not trying to be contrarian alone, but pursuing market applications of "techology" just to make a buck worry me.  Thanks for your story.


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On 10/19/2019 at 1:21 PM, Av8Chuck said:

My interpretation of that rule is that it is legal to operate commercially from a moving vehicle on the ground but not air-to-air.  

Hi Av8Chuck.  Always appreciate and look forward to your informative input.  I read part 107 to basically say that flight from moving vehicles is waive-able if not conducted over populated areas (i.e. waive-able in "sparsely populated areas") and in no circumstance shall carry for hire.  I think the full version of the original rule with comments that supply some context is informative.  This section of part 107 has not been amended by the FAA reauthorization act of 2018.

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