3 Cinematic Drone Shots

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Nice and welcome to the boards!  I've used (and frequently use) all three shots from your video.  Also my hat's off to you for starting a YT channel.  Putting yourself out there is not easy, so way to go with being a contributor and not just a consumer like me!

You're clearly comfortable with yourself on camera and you come across that way.  My critiques are with your drone shots.  This is just my opinion, so take it for what it's worth.  

1:05 - this clip judders like it was shot in 30p and imported into a 24p timeline without any optical flow or retiming.  I'd recommend slowing the clip to 80% and applying some sort of frame interpolation like optical flow (I'm an FCPX guy, so I'm not sure what it's called in Premiere or Resolve).  This clip also has barrel distortion - are you using a M2P?  If so Film Poets has a free plugin that fixes M2P distortion when the camera is set to full FOV.

1:17 - same judder issue, but not as pronounced. Barrel distortion is definitely present.  Unfortunately barrel distortion can be very obvious in tilt-up reveals.  

2:13 - GREAT shot!  I love this one.  Something happens at the end of the clip and it starts to get stuttery like it's being slowed down without any frame interpolation.  

3:03 - the next three clips stutter like they've been slowed to less than the project frame rate without any frame interpolation.

Finally, all your drone shots seem under saturated.  Punch the color and spice those babies up!

Again, this is just one dude's thoughts and I'm by no means a virtuoso. Regardless I'd be interested to know what drone and editing software you're using.  Great work!

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