China Environmental Monitoring and Promotion of UAV Law Enforcement


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UAVs are not only used for film and television aerial photography, but also used in large-scale use in environmental monitoring and enforcement. On October 21st, the first China Henan Province Environmental Monitoring System UAV Law Enforcement Skills Competition was held. The participants of the provincial environmental monitoring system gathered in Zhengzhou City and competed on the same stage, and finally decided the first prize and the second prize. And "unmanned law enforcement experts."


In the arena, a UAV took turns to take off, obstacles through, and video recordings and other competitions were contested. The players competed on the field with operational skills and on-site forensics.


"The arduous task of pollution prevention and control has forced us to learn to use high-tech means to enforce the law and be able to arrive at the scene for evidence collection." Wang Anning, an award-winning athlete from the Anyang Environmental Monitoring Detachment, said that the use of drones will lead to environmental monitoring and enforcement. The more popular, the province's environmental law enforcement training this year, the use of drone skills as an important part of the training.


"Many of them are not easy to check, and it is easy to find them from the sky with drones." Zhang Kunfeng, the law enforcement commander of the Shangqiu Environmental Monitoring Detachment, said that they have started using drones in the past two years, and they have been inspected at water sources. In the first-line law enforcement operations such as investigation and investigation of disorganized pollution, the drones have shown their talents.


On one occasion, we received reports from the masses and came to the area where the drones flew for ten minutes. We quickly discovered four or five 'scattered pollution' enterprises. Another time, the air monitoring station alarmed the concentration of pollutants. Li, flying with a drone to the air of 30 meters, quickly locked the source of pollution is the cinder car..." Speaking of the use of drones, Zhang Kunfeng introduced several successful cases.


According to reports, the drone can not only achieve aerial view and take evidence, some UAVs are also equipped with an air monitoring module, where the concentration of pollutants is high, you can go where to check, and some drones are equipped with equipment, Contaminant sampling can be achieved. With the Gas Detector G2, independently developed by MMC, the environment can be recorded 360 degrees. The system supports high-precision real-time detection of up to 80 different gases, and is mounted on a drone instead of manual work for inspecting hazardous areas and hard-to-reach areas for real-time environmental data monitoring.


In recent years, in the environmental supervision and law enforcement throughout the province, the UAV began to appear gradually. The use of drones has also become a skill that frontline environmental monitoring law enforcement personnel need to master.


"The training of drone skills and the holding of competitions are not only the practice of Henan, but also the important content of environmental law enforcement training." Li Weiqun, chief engineer of the Provincial Ecological Environment Department, said that in recent years, the province's pollution prevention and control has steadily advanced. The overall environmental quality is improving. However, the current environmental protection situation is still grim. Various environmental violations are still frequent, and the forms of expression are more subtle. There is an urgent need for scientific and technological means of modernization.


The use of drones is becoming a new means of environmental monitoring and enforcement in the province.

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