New Startup UAV Turbines Makes Micro Jet Engines for Drones

Zacc Dukowitz

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A new startup based in Florida called UAV Turbines has developed a small jet engine, or microturbine, that can be used to power UAVs.

These small jet engines could be used to power drone taxis. They could also be used in larger delivery drones capable of flying farther for longer distances in order to do inspections or other commercial drone work.

Read today's article to learn more about UAV Turbines and the work they're doing to find new ways to make drones stay in the air longer.

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Turbines and longer flight time is antithetical to one another.  

Heres a video of our shop foreman and some of his turbine helicopters.  We thought about using a turbine to drive a generator for about five minutes.  Turbines drink a lot of gas at low altitude.  I hope these guys can figure out something that the rest of us haven’t.  

The turbine helicopters are the last third of the video.


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If UAV Turbines can produce a 80 pound turbojet that can produce 200 horsepower with a variable pitch prop, what would be the fuel burn?  if fuel burn was suitable it would be a great engine for General Aviation in aircraft like a Cessna 172.  The GA market would really go a long way to fund this new technology.  With the price and availability of high octane aviation gas as it is today, moving to any new engine burning basic jet fuel is a great advantage.  The are several small diesel engines now offered for General Aviation applications that have a low fuel flow and use jet fuel.

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