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Hello From Northern Arkansas

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Greetings from north Arkansas. I've been a professional photographer for a number of years. Additionally, I have done a few video projects over the years. I saw the potential of adding drone video to my offerings and so I started studying all I could about them. My first drone was a Potensic 80D. After I learned to fly on that drone I knew I wanted to upgrade to a model with a 3 axis gimbal to be able to produce more cinematic footage. I also wanted to be able to use drones commercially when I upgraded, so I took the Part 107 UAS exam and received my FAA license.

When I purchased a new drone I went with the Mavic AIR and I shot a real estate demo video using the home of a friend. I posted the video and got a call from a realtor to shoot a video of a local ranch that is for sale. She loved the video and I got my first paying client for my aerial video service.

I intend to focus on real estate video right now, while also using a drone creatively for my photography clients. I'm excited about the potential and I look forward to being a part of this community. I think I can learn a lot from the posts and articles I have seen here so far.

Gary Davis
Gary Davis Photography

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