DJI Mavic Mini no FAA registration required!

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facebook groups has given us official images of DJI’s unannounced mavic mini, as well as listing its specs. DJI’s new drone is something of an open secret at this point. Specs are about 250 grams, 30 min max flight time, 4 km video transmission, Vision Sensor + Hover Mode and 2,7K Camera with 3 Axis Gimbal. But there is no RAW photo recording. Basic sets includes remote controller, one battery, one spare prop each direction and a USB cable.

I think that's a game changer, because there is no FAA registration required. My question: are there any other flight rules you can get around due to the size? And wouldn't the small size make it extra diffucult to fly it in windy conditions?

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Not really a game changer. Since the Mavic Mini still uses geo-fencing, you still cannot fly it in No Fly Zones. It still should only be flown in uncontrolled airspace and while following FAA Safety Guidelines. The Mavic Mini may fall in the Toy (Category 1) range due to weight, but it travels way farther than your typical toy drone. I don't think you would want to fly it in controlled airspace and have a neighbor with a grudge report you. I can assure you, the fact that it weighs less than .55 lbs will not spare you from any potential liability. But then my risk aversion may be higher than yours. 😉

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It would allow you to fly more discreetly since the ID code from your drone is not in any federal database. The big deal about it is that I can take it with me almost anywhere,  I travel for work and it's a hoot being able to throw it in my laptop bag and have my company cover the cost for me to have the ability to have high-quality flight video of cool things as I travel.


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