China leads the global drone industry billions of markets

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The drone industry boom swept the world, and the domestic market was savagely growing

In the past five years, the speed of expansion of global drones has been very rapid, and the growth rate of output and output value has been above 50%. By 2018, the global production of drones reached 4.61 million, and the output value increased to 8.17 billion US dollars. China's drones have developed into a globally advantageous industry, especially in the field of civilian drones, which has an absolute dominant position in the world, accounting for more than 70% of the market. In the past five years, a large number of UAV industrial chain related enterprises have emerged in China. By 2018, the number of enterprises has reached 5,513, and the sales volume has exceeded 3 million. The market scale has exceeded 40 billion yuan, and the growth rate has remained at a high level of 50%. Savage growth." 

UAV is a new round of industrial revolution hotspots, industry investment is hot 

In China, there are emerging benchmarks such as DJI, MMC, Ehang, EWATT, XAGi and Zero Tech; and technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Tencent and Xiaomi have also deployed the application and development of drones; Heavy-duty, Leibai Technology, Longxin GM, Zongshen Power, AVIC Electromechanical, AVIC and other listed companies have deployed civil drones through independent research and development, mergers and acquisitions, industry-university-research cooperation, and industrial chain extension. In the future, with the development of drones and the continuous reduction of production costs, national policies will gradually land, and market development will become more mature. China's drone industry will usher in a new round of outbreaks. 

UAV market demand is accelerated, and 100 billion market will be nugged in the next 10 years

UAVs have been widely used in the fields of film and television aerial photography, traditional agroforestry, industrial operations, disaster relief, public safety, and consumer entertainment. In 2018, there were 271,000 registered users of UAV owners in the whole industry, including 240,000 individual users, 31,000 corporate, business, and legal entity users. 44,560 effective pilot licenses for drones. There are 287,000 aircraft, and the drone's operational flight activities amounted to 370,000 hours. With the expansion of the UAV application field and the maturity of its application, the 100 billion market will be nugged in the next 10 years.

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