FAA Shares More Information on New Knowledge Test for Recreational Drone Pilots

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Scared of tests?

Don’t be, says the FAA. At least not when it comes to the knowledge test currently in the works for recreational drone pilots.

In a recent meeting of the Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) Jay Merkle, the Executive Director of the FAA’s UAS Integration Office, said that the new test should be fun and presented in an enjoyable format.

Read today's article to learn everything we currently know about the new knowledge test, as well as some information on the RFI (Request for Information) process the FAA went through to get advice and feedback from private companies on various aspects of making the test.

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I think it’s an outstanding idea that the FAA is requiring the recreational drone community to take a knowledge test. We have to many of these people that are flying wherever he or she wants! Violating controlled airspace, restricted areas and so on. It’s giving the professional drone pilots a bad name that are trying to make a living flying his or her drone!! Also, this recreational test should cost close to what the Part 107 costs!  

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AMA affiliated clubs, with their privately owned airfields, and club rules, should be exempt from ANY new FAA oversight.   It is total ignorance to think of these folks as "Drone" fliers and subject them to the same new regulations being imposed on the individual quad fliers.  I suggest all interested parties visit.....and speak with....your local "scaled modeler's" clubs. 

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