Legal Question - Golf Course Drone Work

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Hello - Im a remote 107 pilot and have been asked by a private golf course to come out and teach a basic drone safety course to potential hobby drone flyers. The drone they want me to teach is the Tello which they will be selling out of their golf pro shop. During the winter they would like to shut down a few holes and set up a drone obstacle course for people to fly their Tello drones for fun. They like the Tello drone because its under 249 grams and would be fun to fly through obstacle course. They want to charge a small "fee" for me to teach the class and also charge a small "greens fee" when flying the drones but want me to stay out there on the course and monitor. 

The drones do not have to be registered by the members who purchase if used for recreation but if the golf course is charging a fee for them to fly the obstacle course....should there be anything the golf course has to do legal wise to be in compliance in order to make this happen other than having some good liability insurance. Thanks so much in advance! 


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My initial thought is that the golf course would not be required to jump through any additional hoops so long as the airspace overlaying the property is class G. 

Liability insurance sufficient to withstand the worst case scenario litigation would certainly be a good idea since while they would not be flying the drone, they would likely be held responsible for any incident the way the legal system works.

All my opinion.

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