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Beginner problems..Must I know electronics?

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I am 54 and just getting into flying drones as an afterthought of what I could do for extra money when I retire. I bought a drone on sale (Gravity Q10). LOL, my son won't help me because he thinks I'm too old. He said people who fly drones have been doing it since they were kids! I guess he finally felt sorry for me when I couldn't get the darn thing to fly right so he tested it and he said he didn't know why it won't fly straight but he told me I need to start with a toy drone to learn how to fly first.

I bought a cheap little drone (Holy Stone Preditor Mini RC) and it's been fun until it started doing the same thing -(keeps going to the left and won't take off). I've researched online, and I have the propellers on right. So I ended up buying another cheap drone ( Syma XC) because I can't figure out the other one , LOL and the new one does the same thing. Could be broken I got it at the Goodwill. Clicking the corrections on the controller don't seem to do anything. After messing up 3 drones I guess it's me and not the drones. I've watched a lot of beginner videos on changing the propellers but the propellers are on right I'm quite sure. I did notice on the Syma one of the motors isn't working so at least I know why that one won't fly right.

Should I be learning more how to build a quad first to understand all the electronics of it? Is that necessary to know the mechanics to fix this problem... PID systems, Drone Theory motors, speed controller, frame,... or is it more just a flying issue I need to get a grasp on? I really hate to give up, it was  fun the few hours I was able to fly. I may never be able to do what I started out to do (a drone video business) but I am interested now in keeping it as a hobby.  

Will hobby stores help me out to figure out the problem? Any advice?

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22 hours ago, Possibilities said:

my son won't help me because he thinks I'm too old

You are never too old to get into this as a hobby or even commercially. I am a lot older than you and started in this hobby back in 2013 and at that time you did need to build your own drone but of course the technology has come a long way since then and off the shelf drones are much easier to fly. It is though worth practicing on a relative cheap drone before spending a lot of money on a more advanced one. Personally though I still prefer to build my own but that's no longer needed to learn to fly.

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