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hi all,

im part 107 certified and have a dji pro 3 and mavi  pro. im signed up to several online "pilot networks" that offer jobs in my area, but it seems like not much is available. from either construction photos, real estate or inspections. does anyone have any advice on how to get more work? i live.in south new jersey 

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Honestly I would try going into the local businesses and offering services in person. It helps build rapport with the business/people and the community and through networking and word of mouth can land you quite a few jobs. other than that there's always military contracts you can bid on. (quite the hassle to get set up though). I know this isn't much help but its a good start. 

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Are you fully employed with a company now? Maybe try and begin incorporating UAS into existing workflows, and help foster technology adoption where you're at. You could add that professional experience to your profile. Also, I support what the others have already said. These social networks are good but a majority of business is still done face to face; and go for the low hanging fruit first. 

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