The Scripps Mansion

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Hello everyone, 

I hope that you all had a great week and had the chance to get out and fly your drone! 

Back in October, I had my first commercial job for a company called Guest House, Inc. which is in Lake Orion, Michigan at the former estate of William E Scripps. The Scripps Mansion and the surrounding property has a rich history and it was an incredible opportunity to be allowed access to this property. 

Before William Scripps built the Mansion, he used the property as a farm known as Wildwood Farm. The farm was founded in 1916 and by 1920 it was world famous as a stockbreeding enterprise. The Scripps family was very wealthy because Williams father James E. Scripps was the founder of the Detroit News. William would go on to create the countries first commercial radio station, Detroit WWJ. The familes media company is still around to this day and is known as The E.W. Scripps Company. 

In 1926, William Scripps decided to build what would become the Scripps Mansion. The mansion is a massive 28,000 square feet with 67 rooms. It was used as the families summer home as their main residence was another mansion located in Detroit. The family spared no expense building it spending $2.8 million and hiring renowned landscape architect Bryant Fleming to design the landscape which is still in excellent shape almost 100 years later. Large fountains, stone walls and stairs, and detailed stone sculptures still remain on the property. 

The original property was over 3,800 acres but most of it was sold off when William Scripps passed away in 1952. Today, the mansion and surrounding Guest House campus sit on 100 acres. William was also an avid pilot who was close friends with Amelia Earhart and she had him build her a glider that she flew at his property. The runway where she flew is actually still there today in the Bald Mountain Recreation Area, which just happens to be on our '5 Best Places to Fly a Drone in Detroit' guide. You can hear the AMA club airplanes flying around even though its miles away from the mansion. 

There is so much history at this location and it was an honor to have the opportunity to walk around this incredible property. There have even been some movies filmed here, anyways just wanted to share some history and some of the pictures I took for Guest House.  





Guest House Office : Lakes .jpg

Guest House Office:Bridge .jpg

Scripps Mansion : Treatment Centers #2.jpg

Treatment Centers:Scripps Mansion #1.jpg

Treatment Centers #3.jpg

Guest House - Behind Treatment Centers.jpg

Treatment Centers : Scripps Mansion #2.jpg

Outdoor Chapel : Scripps Mansion.jpg

Scripps Mansion Front: Lake Sixteen .jpg

Scripps Mansion Front #2.jpg

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Hi Chase, I'm fairly new to video editing. A friend at work is into photography and shows me examples of of great pics and good pics. Some of those good pics have been edited to the point she calls them paintings lol. Your pics have natural beauty and if they were edited, they were just fine tuned. I use Resolve and find a lot of videos do not need color grading, depending on camera angles and sun positioning. You nailed the angles on those.

Were those edited? What tool do you use for editing?




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Hi @Len,

I really appreciate the nice comments! Those photo's were edited using Adobe Lightroom. I actually edit them on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I find it easier to fine tune the editing to specific areas as compared to editing them on my computer. I would highly reccomend Adobe Lightroom for any photo editing. As for video editing, I edit with Final Cut Pro X. I also use Apple Compressor software to compress the Final Cut edits into smaller files once the edit is done. 

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have! 

 - Chase 


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Hi @JohnJClark,

Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback! It was a really cool experience and one I will never forget. Walking around that house was like stepping back in time. 

When I first started flying my drone I did the same thing. Started flying around the house and then went to the nearby high school that has open fields to practice. I would recommend flying in large open areas as you get use to flying your drone. Before you know it, you will be doing risky shots like flying through trees and over water (those are always a good time). 

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything! 


 - Chase 


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