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We're moving to Huntsville, Alabama in a few weeks for my husband to start his new job. I'm excited to get more hours in as a drone pilot now that I have passed my Part 107 exam.  (That means I have to change my address already with the FAA! :( Hope my official card gets here before we move!) But, I'm excited to learn and so far, the informative newsletters and the structure of the UAV Coach website makes me think I've found a great resource to help me develop my skills even more.  I am a Technology Education teacher in Virginia until the end of the semester but there are no openings for that where I am going since it is the middle of the school year so I'm not sure which job I will get in Huntsville.  Regardless, drone photography will be a good side job! ~JoyH.

NOTE: An inexpensive lesson idea from Try Engineering to introduce young people to drones is here and does not require a drone to teach it! Check it out!

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Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum and we are happy to hear that you have been enjoying the UAV Coach resources! 

There are a lot of opportunities in the drone industry. 

To help get you started, feel free to check out our 'UAV/Drone Jobs' Guide. 

I hope this helps! 

  - Chase 


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