DJI Mavic with my Camera

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I want to mount my own camera on DJI Mavic for my project. I may not require gimbal and stabilization technology.

I also want to stream the video from the drone to ground while it's moving.

Is there a possibility to mount my own camera on this drone. If not, is there any other drone which allows so.

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There are plans out there for 3D printing a mount with a 1/4 20 thread. I have one that I mount my Insta360 One X onto in order to take aerial 360 video with. I would think that I could mount my A6x00 camera on it too. Just haven't tried.

I've tried mounting a light weight selfie stick on it with the 360 camera in order to get the drone further away so I could mask the drone out easier but the Mavic is very wobbly with that. You'll need to keep the weight as close to the drone as possible. Oh, and for Gods sake disable the downward sensors if you use one of these. It's no fun when you forget that.

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It’s not difficult to “mount” a camera, it’s difficult to control or use it.  If your mounting an action type camera, chances are they won’t be any better than what DJI is providing so you may as well use the camera that came with the Mavic. 

If you want to mount a better camera, like the Sony A7RIII for example then you really need to determine the application.  Are you trying to do aerial for online video, broadcast or cinema?  Those are three very different types of cameras.  Are you doing mapping or surveying with stills?  

If it’s video for YouTube then probably the easiest is the Mavic2Pro, to be competitive in the lower end broadcast the DJI Inspire2 with an X5S or X7 is a good choice.  Although the image quality from the new Skydio2 is probably a little better than the Mavic but not as good as the I2, people are getting shots with it that can’t be done with any DJI. (And it’s realtively cheap if you can get it).  

It really depends on what you hope to accomplish. 

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