Dji mavic mini vs Holy Stone 720

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Hey everyone, my name is Josh. First post from Harstine Island, Washington. I'm brand new to drones and have been reading up and trying to educate myself. I'm a remodel contractor and looking for a starter drone to take pics of my work (decks, siding, interior remodels) to show off to potential customers. My budget tops out at $4-500 for now. I think I've narrowed down the best options to the dji mavic mini or holy Stone hs720. Which one do you think would be the best choice? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi Josh. I am also new and was posting here today and I saw your question. I can give you my perspective since I have the Potensic D85 which has the same camera that the Holystone 720 does. My D85 drone flies excellent. The camera sucks. Its the weak link in that setup. That is my whole issue now and the reason why I was posting here today. The Mavic Mini has a 12 mega pixel camera, which should give you enough quality photos for what you need. You would just need to do it on a day that's not too windy. 

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Hi @360Remodels

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Even though I would not consider a Mavic Mini for most commercial operations, it would be the better choice of the drones you listed. The Mavic Mini is packed with a ton of features for the money and a camera that should be decent for your application. 

If you want to get an idea of some other drones that would be great for this application click here

I hope this helps!

 - Chase

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Can I ask why you wouldn't recommend the mini for commercial operations like stated by the OP (small business)? I mean that's not a super duper professionnal drone but compared to not having a drone at all and/or having to follow a lot of rules (for drones over 250g in Canada), how useful can it be...or not?


Is the Mini small weight a handicap? Is it still usable as a tool (Vs as a toy) at a tad under 250g? Can it fly in light wind?




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