Idle Thinking - hawks and drones

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I was watching a hawk today and wondered why drone makers haven't made drones that look like hawks.

Then, I had another thought, why don't drone makers make drones that fly like hawks do?  Gain altitude and then extend their range by soaring the way hawks do?  This would be very good for saving battery power and very good for surveillance or search-and-rescue.  Using soaring techniques could extend the range and time in the air.  The design would have to be drastically different from what the current ideas are.  

But, wouldn't it work?  I am thinking of some of the drones that are used for delivering medical supplies in Africa, they probably already use some soaring techniques, but I'm not aware of them.

How about passenger or sports planes using the same techniques?

My idle thought for today.

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That's how gliders work.    Once in the air they search for lift or thermals and ride that rising air upwards like hawks do.  Interesting idea, it would probably take some AI in order to accomplish with unmanned craft but it might work in some instances.

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