Mavic Mini - Professional Use and Limitations

Half Chrome

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Im at the doctors office waiting for my wife so I’m not in a good location to watch the video.  I’m just passing time.  

My comment has more to do with the title of the thread, Mavic Mini - Professional Use and Limitations.  Is there an assumption that everything DJI manufactures can be a professional tool?  

There are quite a few consumer drones with similar capabilities.  I realize that this too can be debated but the point is that just because DJI ads “Pro” to the name of something or just for the simple fact that DJI developed it does not mean it’s suitable for professional applications.   

I’m not suggesting that it isn’t, but common sense should guide peoples evaluations.  It’s a bit like a GoPro.  GoPros are great crash cams, often used in situations where real, more expensive cameras shouldn’t be used.  But no one thinks the image quality is on par with professional cameras.  

Can Mavic-Mini be used profesionaly?  Sure, but at its price point there are less expensive consumer drones that might work for that application, like a crash cam. There are other drone that are a little more expensive, like the Anafi that might provide better image quality or Skydio2 which is much better suited to some professional applications and neither of them are manufactured in China.  

I have no doubt that the Magic-Mini is an awesome drone. Should it be considered for professional applications?  No more or less than any other toy. 

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