DJI Joins Memphis Pilot Program, Becomes Official UAS IPP Partner

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DJI recently joined the U.S. Department of Transportation’s UAS IPP (UAS Integration Pilot Program) by partnering with the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority’s ongoing pilot program (MSCAA ).

Here’s a list of drone operations that the MSCAA IPP has been testing as part of their pilot program in Memphis, taken from the MSCAA IPP proposal:

  • Aircraft Inspections: Inspection of commercial aircraft on FedEx ramp during day and night operations
  • Airport Security Fence Inspections: Inspection of perimeter security fence and dispatched response for alarm resolution
  • Security Patrols of FedEx Ramp: Security monitoring of FedEx ramp during day and night operations
  • Perimeter Security Monitoring: Protecting logistics warehouses against intruders and fighting cargo theft

Read today's article to learn more about what DJI will be doing as an IPP partner, as well as some speculation on why they have been conspicuously quiet about the new partnership.

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Probably the reason for the one year delay to include DJI is because the participants probably couldn’t get a suitable replacement for DJI.  Also, another reason for DJIs silence is because it kind of depends on how you define partnering.  Just because they provide drones to the participants of this pilot project does not constitute a “Partnership” with the Tennessee DOT and it certainly doesn’t obfuscate them from the impending federal ban. 

Choosing to use DJI puts the participants of this study on pretty thin ice.  Regardless of how difficult it’s is to find an alternative, they are going to be hosed if the federal ban ever happens.  We can debate the likelyhood of the ban but the risk to the steakholders of this project is directly proportional to the probability of it taking effect.  

I certainly wouldn’t want to be the supervisor that has to make that call..

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