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High guys,  I'm a Carpenter out of Olympia, Washington State. I pretty much just saw a guy on YouTube making his own drones.. And my buddy and I thought that looked pretty cool.. So a week later we went in together and bought a 3d printer that came in a about a hundred pieces. So we got the thing built all this in about 2 weeks from watching the YouTube videos.. So I guess you can say we kinda jumped into this head first.

My overall dream/goal, is I loved the drone racing videos I've seen,  and I think  without a doubt I wanna get into fpv flying. I want a very fast drone with the longest range possible. And seeing how I spent all my money at the moment on a printer.. I wanna start out cheap.. So I figured I'd buy a good 8 channel transmitter.. Since perhaps that's less upgradable.. And then a small racing drone at first that perhaps I can upgrade later. 

Again,  I'm totally new at this,  but I feel confident even with not ever doing any of this before.. I have a pretty good ability to pick stuff up fast. 

I guess I mostly just wanted to introduce myself to the community,  and also ask your guys opinions on where to start,  what transmitter and what drone would probably be best for me. (note: I have a printer,  so I'd like to build as many of my own parts and stuff as possible) and also if there are any clubs on this forum in Washington State,  I'd love to join and even go to some meets. 

Thanks guys for reading,  and welcoming me to this new exciting hobby! Look forward to hearing from ya! 

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Welcome, @Ybron! We just wrote a big post on FPV that you might find helpful. Some links to simulators in there so you can start logging practice flight hours ASAP. It'll take a while to get comfortable :)

Let us know what questions you have along the way. Blue skies and safe flying!

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I am a big fan of the Taranis transmitter from FrSky and noticed that the Drone Racing League are using them, at least that's what they show in their videos. I am not a FPV racer but have built my own UAV and so can help with shopping for parts.

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