Importance of MP vs pixel density and GSD for Photogrammetry


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I’m a beginner in aerial surveys and photogrammetry and am reviewing drones to get started with. My research has led me to more questions rather than an answers. I’m looking at the M2P and M2Z as my beginner drones and realize they are probably not up to par with what most of the members of this forum would recommend, but I will be primarily flying construction sites for horizontal “as-built” information and some vertical. I will also be shooting videos for site progress. 

I’ve read that 20MP is a minimum for decent photogrammetry. The M2P meets this but the M2Z is only 12 MP. That said the Zoom has the optical AND digital zoom capabilities.

I have not been able to find the pixel density of each drone. 

Given my planned uses for the drone, can anyone give me some additional (expert) advice?

As I mentioned, this will be my beginner drone. Once I’ve gotten into this a bit more, I will possibly look into the P4Pro PPK, with an Aeropoint. I’m just not ready to make a $9k investment at this point.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Nick,

From a professional stand point, there is may concerns in using a drone system and you need to ask a boat load of questions before investing. Creating as built condition has many factors for example what is the final deliverable, what tolerances are exceptable, is the area populated, what are my restrictions, is the client looking for building structures or GIS information, and the list goes on depending the client. 

From a LS stand point can the results of your replicated by conventional means to help support your findings? There is a business model that supports using drones but you also need to have back office support to put together the information together that can QA/QC before the client receive the information.

If your heart desires is to continue, I would suggest to start collecting information on how to properly create as built condition of dirt and stone piles for volume calculations.



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