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A lot of people don’t believe the ban is real.  No matter what you believe if your serious about making a living in the commercial UAV industry in the US and any of your income includes federal funds then you should at least pay attention to what’s happening.  

There are a lot of sources for this information.  There are also a lot of DJI supporters which try to spin the debate in favor of DJI.  The point is to be aware so that you can be well positioned to win business.  It would be shame to be on the short list for a potentially lucrative contract only to find they won’t award it to you because it’s a federal project and your flying DJI.

People have already said there’s nothing new in this ban, there is.  The original ban was issued by the US Army, the follow on ban was from the Undersecretay of Defense to include all services and this is the US Congress banning the Pentagon from procuring or continue to use any Chinese manufactured drones.  This was signed into law December 20.  

This ban is part of the 2020 NDAA, which effects the DoD, Congress is working on a bill to extend this ban to all federal projects.  There are a lot of companies deploying DJI drones for power line inspection etc., all 230KV and up T-lines, substation and power plants are being classified as critical infrastructure which puts them into the realm of federal projects.  The same is going to be true for first responders, Oil & Gas, Communication, DOE, DOT etc..  




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They’re still manufacturing drones....

not so much that we decided to be a service company, it’s just at the time more people were willing to pay for services than buy drones.  That might be changing. 

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To the subject of the thread.  You know, you just have to laugh at DJI for getting themselves in this position.  There was a small but vocal group of us, that looking back now, were pretty prophetic as it turns out.  Had they listened back then to some common sense, who knows.  But they would have none of it.

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