FAA drone rule changes. Take action now to keep flying!


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Not sure if you have seen it but the FAA have proposed new rules for UAVs that will require remote transponders. This can have many consequences for drone pilots including additional costs and can really harm hobbyist and commercial drone usage. You can find more information and a link to give comments back to the FAA on the article below.



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EVERYONE should comment on the Federal Register, Docket FAA-2019-1100


However, and this is a big BUT!  You are waisting your time and diluting the gene pool if your going to comment about your distain for this ruling.  This author writes about (and these are quotes from the article):

  1. "A few rotten apples are spoiling the barrel for the rest of us.  Despite the claims of a small but vocal number of deniers from the drone community, it is clear that some sort of action must be taken to ensure the safety of commercial, military and other manned aircraft. Routinely, some reckless drone operators fly their aircraft in a manner that endangers manned aircraft. A purposeful disruption of air travel at Britain’s Gatwick airport was probably the most prominent example." 

Stop and think about this.  He claims that there are a small number of vocal "deniers" this is not a popularity contest.  The issue isn't the "denial" of the threat, its what is the appropriate action to prevent it.  He simply states that "some sort of action must be taken," what action?  To support his call to action he uses the closure of Gatwick Airport, after all the hysteria it turned out there WAS NO DRONE.  This is not about a few rotten apples.  If you want your comment to influence the NPRM then you need to make it based on fact and not hype.

  1. "A video shot by a drone operator off the Florida coast showed a manned helicopter, flying a perfectly legal flight path, fly below and within dangerous proximity to the drone which could easily have resulted in a midair collision.

    Despite the relatively low weight of drones, such a collision could easily produce multiple fatalities..."

In the past eight to ten years there have been two midair collisions between a drone and manned helicopter.  There were no fatalities or injuries and the damage was minimal.  Could it have been worse?  Absolutely, but people should not assign risk, that just doesn't exists, to justify regulations.  Its a valid argument to think ahead, but then have that debate.  Because, how does this proposed ruling prevent midair collisions? 

The irony is that this NPRM talks about using cell phones and the internet as a way to record location and telemetry information at the EXACT time the federal government is trying to ban it!  That is what the DoD claims the ban on Chinese manufactured drones is really about.  In part, because when people talk about privacy they are mostly referring to what the drone sees, but what about the operators right to privacy?  Why should this information be collected and shared with the public?  How does that protect the public?  If it does, then why isn't it required for manned aircraft?  Sure I have a transponder, but it does not provide unique pilot data, only where my aircraft is located.  

So if your going to comment please give some thought to how this ruling will:

  1. Effect your ability to make a living 
  2. Protect YOUR privacy
  3. make FLYING safer
  4. effect the potential for USER FEES
  5. how will the information be used in Law Enforcement
  6. what are your rights if falsely accused of operating a drone illegally 

Good luck.







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