DJI Introduces the Zenmuse XT S, A New High Frame-Rate Thermal Imaging Camera for the M200 Series

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DJI recently unveiled the Zenmuse XT S, a new model of their thermal imaging camera, the XT.

The new XT S is made just for DJI’s Matrice 200 series, which you can see in action here:


Read today's article to learn more about DJI's new thermal camera, and to get more information on the different ways thermal drone cameras are being used today.

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There used to be an expression, "Truth in Advertising."

This is either a Tao640 or if the claim is true that's it made specifically for DJI its a cheap Chinese knockoff. 

There's nothing new about the Tao 640, its neither high resolution or fast frame rate.  There's also nothing about that sensor that should prevent it from being integrated into the other DJI platforms like the M600 and Inspire2.   This is likely a marketing ploy to move DJI's install base onto the M200 platform.  Nothing wrong with that unless you own one of the other platforms.  Get used to this, DJI does this all the time.


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