Mavic 2 Pro issue - not able to launch due to poor GPS - even in the city - anyone else?


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Curious - I got a new drone - Mavic 2 pro, and I have flown it a few times and love it.  

(I have already asked this question in other forums but not gotten a lot of helpful responses, so I thought I'd try here)

Anyways, on my first "job" (real estate) I went to the neighborhood, in the middle of the Denver metro area, and the drone would not connect to the RC, and thus, I could not take off.   I went about 1/2 mile away and everything worked fine.  Went back to the neighborhood..same thing.  Did not connect.

I've never had this problem with my other drone (an older Autel)   and it seems weird that this would happen in such a random spot in the middle of a large metro area.    Most replies suggest the GPS signal is not strong enough...which is weird given all of the strange places people fly these things in DJI's marketing materials and commercials.

So, has anyone else had this issue, and have you found a workaround or any tricks?     Thank you!

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So, after lots of testing, it came down to the USB-c cable. The one that came with the Mavic does not seem to work well in all areas.

I used my Phone's native USB-c cable and it worked fine. The GPS signal in the area is 4 bars, and 18, so that was not the issue. I have an LG Thin-Q, which is a very new android.That makes sense.  DJI responded to me saying "GPS" but that didn't make a whole lot of sense.    I am going back to the exact same location tomorrow to test it again.    



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