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Jason Kovacs

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Hi all, I've been reading this forum for years but apparently never posted before. To rectify that oversight: Greetings!

I'm a Part 107 pilot and archaeologist for a Cultural Resources Management firm in Cincinnati, which is a company type that exists to provide archaeological and historical architectural studies in the designated work spaces of federally regulated construction projects as part of their environmental compliance protocols. For example, if there's a proposal for a new interstate pipeline project and FERC or the US Army Corp of Engineers is the federal body issuing the permits, then an archaeological survey has to take place, and any significant archaeological or historical sites found during that survey will have to be mitigated or avoided. Mitigation sites are where we bust out the trowels and there's the neat, organized grid of square excavation units lined with string, like I'm sure most people have seen on popular TV shows dealing with history. 

As a recreational drone pilot for years, it was an obvious next step to try to implement drones into archaeology. I've built our (very small) aerial photography and photogrammetry division for the purpose of mapping archaeological sites with high resolution orthomosaics over which we lay our total station data and in some cases, even use the drone data in lieu of the total station. We're just now getting into using drone imagery to create high resolution 3D scans and representations of standing Historical structures that happen to fall in our designated work areas. One day I hope to be able to experiment with drone cameras outside the normal visual frequency spectrum to provide some aerial remote sensing capability, as well as LiDAR-enabled  drones. 

As you might imagine, a lot of my flying for archaeology is done in areas where cell reception is poor, so I've been monitoring news and opinions on the recent NPRM regarding Remote ID closely. Glad forums such as this one exist to help folks such as myself navigate the fine print! 


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Hi @Jason Kovacs

It is great to hear that you have found the forum to be a valuable resource over the years! It sounds like you have a very interesting career and it is very cool to see that you have been integrating drone technology into you operations. 

What drones are in your fleet and have you noticed a difference in project efficiency/accuracy? 

Looking forward to your response! 

 - Chase


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